Bagheera naturist holiday resort in Bravone, Corsica, between sea and eucalyptus forest…


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Our labels are renewed in 2023

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Our Ecolabel and Green Key labels are renewed in 2023

Bagheera makes it a point of honour to respect its environmental approach, highlighting the desire to preserve the estate's biodiversity.

We are proud to be able to renew the Green Key label since 2009 and the Ecolabel since 2018.

A real will is necessary but a deep conviction facilitates the path towards eco-responsibility.

At the end of the day, it is a great satisfaction to participate in the preservation of nature and its resources and to be able to identify with the little hummingbird in the story.

And to prove over the years that there is no incompatibility between tourism development and the happy sobriety that Pierre Rabhi talks about.

During your naturist holiday in Corsica, discover and participate in the eco-responsible approach of the naturist holiday village of Bagheera

Avis Our labels are renewed in 2023