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The Corsican maquis (scrubland)

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During your stay at the Bagheera naturist site, travel into the heart of the Corsican maquis.

Covering 40% of the territory, the Corsican maquis grows up to altitudes of 1000 metres.  Dense, verdant, fragrant, invasive, it is mainly composed of thorny bushes and proliferates on unfarmed land.


For a long time, the maquis was used by Corsican as a defence. During the period of Barbaric raids, when the coast was no longer safe, the Corsican population migrated inland, building villages nestled in the heart of the maquis, hidden by the vegetation. This allowed them to live away from danger.


Sometime later, olive and chestnut trees were planted, slightly modifying the vegetation. Abandoned olive groves and chestnut forests are now overgrown with bushes specific to the maquis. In order to escape a vendetta or justice, fugitives hid in the most remote corners of this vegetation. During WW2, resistance fighters also took to the same paths to hide from the occupier and from where they fought for their freedom.



Mainly composed of arbutus, heather, rockrose, myrtle, rosemary, bramble and holm oak, it is the habitat of wild animals and is without question the ecosystem most representative of Corsica. The vegetation is more or less dense depending on the topography and altitude. At altitude, the less varied maquis is mainly composed of heather and shrubs between pines, cedars, oaks and chestnuts.



During your stay at the Domaine de Bagheera located in Linguizzetta, you will discover this flora and vegetation typical of Corsica. But be careful, you can get lost very easily. The darkness created by the density and height of the vegetation can sometimes make it easy to lose your bearings. So, you need to be careful.

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