Bagheera naturist holiday resort in Bravone, Corsica, between sea and eucalyptus forest…


Cervione near the Domaine de Bagheera, naturist campsite in CorsicaCervione near Bagheera naturist campsite - Domaine de BagheeraSculpted angels from the pulpit of Saint Erasme Cervione church near Corsica naturist campsiteHazelnut fair in August Cervioni - Domaine de Bagheera, naturist campsite in CorsicaBell Tower at Cervioni - Domaine de Bagheera, naturist campsiteBaroque Church of Saint Erasme Cervioni in Corsica - Domaine de Bagheera, naturist holiday villageHigh Cervioni houses in the Costa Verde near Domaine Bagheera naturist tourism residenceCervioni houses in Corsica - Bagheera domain, naturism in Corsica

Make the most of your holidays at the Bagheera 4-star naturist campsite and 4-star holiday village with a visit to Cervione, an ancient capital of Corsica.

At 20 minutes from the Domaine de Bagheera, Cervione reaches out to you from the top of its 1100 metres altitude. It's well worth a visit. The village and the mountain of Cervione seem to come straight out of the sea.



A little history…


According to Cervione's village elders, the name of the village comes directly from the word "stag" which, a long time ago, populated the region.


A typical Corsican picturesque village, Cervione offers breathtaking views of the Costa Verde. On a sunny day, of which there are many, you can take the cliff paths walk to take in the incredible views of the island of Montecristo and the Costa Verde.


Grand Baroque church built in the 18th century, the  Saint-Erasmus of Cervione Cathedral counts among the biggest on the island.


As you walk around the village of Cervione, you can also visit an ethnographic museum, located in a small manor house built on the foundations of an old water mill. The pieces in the Cervione Ethnographic Museum bear witness to the tools, work practices and trades of the past.

Avis Cervione