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Children's activities at the Domaine de Bagheera

An excellent family campsite, the Domaine de ​​Bagheera offers freedom and total security: fully enclosed, 1.5 km from the main road, the site is perfectly secure. There is no risk that children will get lost, the site is clearly fenced off and children are never in danger.

Mindful of the well-being of small children, the Bagheera naturist campsite offers a wide range of leisure and sports activities so that the holiday for the children is as successful as that of their parents.


Outdoor activities, the beach, entertainment... Children at the Domaine de Bagheera are never bored!  Just like the adults who come back to the site from generation to generation because they feel "at home", children can meet up with friends from one year to the next as well as make new ones.

Play Area 4-star naturist campsite corisca between Bastia and Porto Vecchio

Play Area

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