Bagheera naturist holiday resort in Bravone, Corsica, between sea and eucalyptus forest…



Responsible actions for our environmental approach

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The Bagheera naturist site is naturally committed to a green policy, adopted from the very beginning, to develop sustainable tourism and preserve the biodiversity of the area.

To limit the impact on nature and preserve ecosystems, you can follow some simple environmentally-friendly rules during your stay at the Bagheera naturist holiday resort. With responsible actions, we can all help to preserve the environment around us and reduce the environmental footprint of our business.


Here are some of the "small things" that you can do for the good of all at the Domaine de Bagheera:

  • Do not pick wild plants
  • Respect the wildlife
  • When hiking, especially around the lake, remember to keep to the fitness trail path so as to not damage the wild plants.
  • In summer, please pay close attention to cigarette butts: the Corsican vegetation is very dry during the summer and a single spark would be enough to start a fire
  • Respect the tranquillity of the peacocks that roam freely on the estate
  • Do not leave water taps turned on unnecessarily
  • Use the dual flush on the toilets
  • Remember to turn off the water when brushing teeth. A small, trivial gesture that saves 12 litres of water per minute.
  • Turn off the lights in case of absence
  • Turn off the air conditioning in your absence
  • Keep the doors and windows shut in air-conditioned premises
  • Limit car travel when you can use green means of travel, such as cycling, walking
  • Do not throw any litter into the lake or into the sea, as a general rule, in nature
  • Do not cut shrubs or flower beds: most of them are native species
  • Favour organic and locally produced foods
  • Use cosmetics products with a pure composition
  • Follow the rhythm of the seasons when buying fruit and vegetables
  • Choose fish and meat from organic farming

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Notre politique environnementale

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naturist campsite Corsica - Corsican ecotourism Bagheera, Corsica naturist campsite - sustainable tourism Bagheera, naturist campsite Corsica - responsible campsite Bagheera, naturist campsite Corsica - Corsican ecotourism Bagheera, naturist campsite Corsica - sustainable tourism in Corsica