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The weekly markets around Bagheera

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Make the most of your stay in Corsica at the Bagheera naturist holiday resort, to stroll around the heart of the markets located near the site.

Why get lost in an impersonal supermarket, when you can buy local, organic produce in a pleasant environment?  Whatever the day, Corsica always offers a daily market where you can meet the producers and artesans of the region.



On the east coast, enjoy a gourmet break in the markets of Corsica.


Every Thursday morning in Bravone, next to Linguizzetta, you can drop into the craft market where you will find, from June to September, about twenty exhibitors.  Enjoy a friendly moment with producers and artesans of the East and savour some tasty produce from local and artesanal productions.


Farmers markets, craft or art markets, night markets ... Corsica is full of colourful and entertaining street markets where you can find everything you need ... And much more!


During your stay at the Domaine de Bagheera, discover the soul of Corsica through local products and exceptional craftsmanship. You will be enchanted by the island's flavours and enjoy its insular authenticity.

Avis The weekly markets around Bagheera