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The French Island of Beauty


An island of a thousand beauties in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica is the most southern region of France. Facing the French Riviera, it is a close neighbour to Italy, just 83 kilometres from its coast. 170 kilometres from France and 450 kilometres from Spain, this small south-facing island is renowned for its immense diversity of landscapes and its wild and protected nature. A true treasure with clear, clean waters, green "maquis" scrubland and 1000 kilometres of coastline with beaches and enchanting coves, Corsica is a region with many assets.

With its excellent transport links, Corsica is easy to travel to. By air or by sea, many European cities offer flights to one of the four airports on the island: Figari, Ajaccio, Bastia or Calvi. If you choose to travel by boat, several French ports offer crossings for you and your vehicle for your holidays: Nice, Toulon or Marseille. Italy, which is directly opposite, also offers numerous crossings from Genoa, Livorno, Plombino, Porto Torres or Savona.

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