Bagheera naturist holiday resort in Bravone, Corsica, between sea and eucalyptus forest…


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Corsica Holiday Rentals

Discover our holiday rentals at the Bagheera holiday resort near Bravone in Corsica!


Enjoy authentic and natural holidays in an exceptional setting with unspoiled nature facing the sea!


At Bagheera, the area is so vast that all traces of humanity integrate into the site and blend into the vegetation. All our accommodation - the villas, mini-villas, chalets, mobile homes and camping pitches - blend in with the natural scenery so you don´t even notice they are there, to the delight of the holidaymakers who have the opportunity to live the dream on the island of beauty, between forest and ocean dreams.

Marine breeze, lovely climate, peacocks roaming free, lake to sail, forest trails, beaches of fine sand, century-old oaks, arbutus, wild flowers ...


A real balcony to the sea, the Domaine de Bagheera will seduce you by the diversity of its charms and its accommodation.

Avis Domaine de Bagheera