Bagheera naturist holiday resort in Bravone, Corsica, between sea and eucalyptus forest…



Ecology, citizenship, solidarity

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The Domaine de Bagheera's commitment to protecting the wildlife of Corsica.

Perfectly integrated in the middle of a nature reserve between sea and forest, the Bagheera 4-star naturist campsite and 3-star holiday resort has been given, every year since 2008, the Green Key environmental label, the first international eco-tourism label for ecological accommodation.


Staying in a Green Key establishment in Corsica is the guarantee of spending your holiday in a protected environment. At Bagheera, you will be immersed in the middle of a eucalyptus forest close to the U Stagnolu secret lake which you can get to from the 5km long sandy beach adjoining the estate.


Concerned about being able to hand down a better future and a preserved nature to future generations, the Domain de Bagheera engages actively in the protection of the site and is an LPO member  (League for the Protection of Birds):

  • Sustainable tourism by limiting its impact on the environment,
  • Awareness education & empowerment of the public to the key issues of ecotourism,
  • Management and recycling of waste within the site,
  • Management of energy resources, heating, domestic appliances, lighting, solar heating,
  • Use of electric cars on the site
  • Water treatment management,
  • Responsible purchasing: food products, cleaning products, natural cosmetics for body care, etc.,
  • Awareness education of the biodiversity of the site, its native species and the great diversity of its flora.
  • The site landscaping is done by hand (we do not cut  the indigenous vegetation in order to preserve it)



These are all actions that we have been doing for years.



The exceptional nature of Corsica and of the Bagheera naturist holiday resort encourages a constant eco-citizen mobilisation in favour of respecting the environment and the protection of natural spaces.


In the hope that humanity will one day be able to share a clean planet.

Avis Ecology, citizenship, solidarity