Bagheera naturist holiday resort in Bravone, Corsica, between sea and eucalyptus forest…


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The Bagheera naturist holiday village in Corsica

In Linguizzetta, in the heart of a eucalyptus forest and at the edge of a 5 km long naturist beach, the Domaine of Bagheera is open all year round in a splendid, wild and unspoiled natural setting.

Devoted to well-being and relaxation, Bagheera holiday village rentals and campsite will give you the chance to fully replenish your energy levels.


There are no worries here, just the possibility to live according to your rhythm and your desires, in unspoiled nature, in the heart of landscapes which the rest of the world can only dream about. Let yourself be comforted by the site's natural landscape: soft and winding, between the "maquis" scrubland, forests and sandy beaches

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